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    Default Android 4.4.3/4.4.4 AOSP Based d2lte Nightlies

    Here is a list of Android 4.4.3/4.4.4 Samsung Galaxy S3 ROMs I've compiled. I figured I would post them here also. These ROMs will work on any US variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 no matter what carrier you're on. If you have the international version, you'll have to look for your specific device model under each ROM.

    Dirty Unicorns is the only ROM on this list that wasn't upgraded from Android 4.4.3 to 4.4.4 but, in my opinion, it is still one of the best ROMs on this list. Unfortunately, Team D.I.R.T. no longer makes official builds for d2lte, which is us. There may be unofficial builds of Dirty Unicorns to come down the road, but it is still definitely a ROM to check out. Make sure you use the 6/12 build.

    I know with Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, you lose data if you flash these ROMs, so I've posted APN Settings fixes for both Virgin and Boost in this list. You also lose MMS with both carriers, so I'll post MMS fixes for both carriers also.

    I also included the Android 4.4.4 GAPPS with this list as well as the Philz Touch Recovery updates. You don't necessarily need to use Philz. But you do need to use the equivalent of ClockworkMod Recovery or higher.

    There are a few extras at the end of this list. I've added the Android L Bootloader and Android L theme. The Android L theme works on ROMs that have Theme Manager, or Cyanogen Theme Showcase, built in them. This allows you to get the Android L look on your phone well before it's official release. I also posted a link to the Android L Keyboard.

    I added the link to the Candy Sweetner Pack. This can be used on every AOSP based ROM. I use it every time I flash a ROM. If you're going to clean flash it with the ROM and GAPPS, flash Candy Sweetner last because it uses the Aroma Installer. Just might be easier. But this can also be dirty flashed. That means if you're already running a ROM and want to add the customizations in Candy Sweetner, you can just boot to recovery and flash it without having to wipe your data or cache.

    I hope you find this helpful and useful. Being able to use so many ROMs is nice because it shows there is continued development for the GS3 even if it is a couple years old.

    I'm assuming everyone is familiar with flashing ROMs, or you wouldn't be on this forum. But it is a risky game, unfortunately. I'm posting these ROMs because there doesn't seem to be a list like this out there. Please, do not blame me if anything happens to your phone. I've posted everything I could to help make the experience easier.

    Flash in this order:
    1) Android 4.4.3/4.4.4 d2lte Nightly
    2) Android 4.4.3/4.4.4 GAPPS
    3) APN Settings Fix (for those with Virgin or Boost)
    4) Candy Sweetner Pack (optional)

    Android 4.4.3

    Dirty Unicorns d2lte (links that say 'du-d2lte')

    *Dirty Unicorns info

    Android 4.4.4 Nightlies

    Gummy ROM d2lte

    *Gummy ROM info

    Nameless ROM d2lte

    *Nameless ROM info

    AICP ROM d2lte

    *AICP ROM info

    Vanir ROM d2lte

    *Vanir ROM info

    Carbon ROM d2lte

    *Carbon ROM info

    Slim ROM d2lte

    *Slim ROM info

    Liquid Smooth ROM d2lte

    *Liquid Smooth ROM info

    CyanogenMod ROM d2lte

    *CyanogenMod ROM info

    PAC ROM d2lte

    *PAC ROM info

    C-RoM d2lte

    *C-RoM info

    AOKP ROM d2lte

    *AOKP ROM info

    OmniROM d2lte

    *OmniROM info

    Beanstalk ROM d2lte

    *Beanstalk ROM info

    AOSB ROM d2lte

    *AOSB ROM info

    Paranoid Android ROM d2lte

    *Paranoid Android ROM info

    CandyKat ROM d2lte

    *CandyKat ROM info

    OSE ROM d2lte

    *OSE ROM info

    SOKP ROM d2lte

    *SOKP ROM info

    Android 4.4.4 GAPPS

    Virgin Mobile APN Settings Fix

    Boost Mobile APN Settings Fix

    Philz Touch Recovery d2lte

    Android L Boot Animation

    Android L Theme

    Android L Keyboard

    Extra mods for AOSP ROMs. Works on all AOSP based ROMs. Mods include LockRings, GlowDotz, Custom HALO, Scrubbers (volume|media handles), LockMax, Wifi Icons, Signal Icons, In-Call Icons, LockScreen Targets, Clear All Icons, etc customizations. Dirty flashing is acceptable, because being clean is just so boring: Themes and Mods - Welcome to The Candy Shop

    I use the Handcent SMS app for sending/receiving MMS. For Virgin Mobile, go to Application Settings>MMS Settings>MMSC and enter http://mmsc.vmobl.com:8088/mms?, then hit OK. For Boost Mobile, go to Application Settings>MMS Settings>MMSC and enter mm.myboostmobile.com. Where it says MMS proxy, enter: And where it says MMS port, enter: 80.And be sure to allow sending and receiving SMS/MMS for Handcent under Apps Permissions.
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