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    Angry driving mode?

    Is anyone else having problems getting driving mode to work?
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    Driving mode doesn't change the look (a la HTC Sense) just allows for the OS to read incoming texts and calls out loud.
    There are market applications that can change the look of the homescreens like car home ultra.

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    Default Re: driving mode?

    That's what I was talking about. I think I have it turned on, but the texts aren't being read aloud.
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    Default Re: driving mode?

    What exactly does Driving Mode do? Is there a settings page for customizing it? Right now I see the toggle switch... but have no idea what it's supposed to do.
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    Default Re: driving mode?

    Quote Originally Posted by dnfrsr View Post
    That's what I was talking about. I think I have it turned on, but the texts aren't being read aloud.
    I'm in the same boat. Driving mode is on (settings, language and input, text-to-speech output OR in the Notification bar) and all it tells me is that "you have a text message from so and so" or something like that and that's it. It doesn't read aloud the text or the phone call or an email.

    Either I'm doing something wrong or there's a bug.

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    Default Re: driving mode?

    bug i think. mine doesn't work well either. playing with it, fresh reboot, dm on it works. playing music from the stock player, ring, don't recall if it spoke, but the music never returned to playing. i have a blue tooth remote for music controls, with that paired, no speech, but music keeps playing after the message tone.
    my gs2 driving mode, had the widget toggle, and just worked. (didn't have the remote though)
    think we might need an update on this one
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    Default Re: driving mode?

    There is a file you have to get from the market called Speech Synthesis but it won't work on my S III. It Crashes.

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