04-24-2017 04:11 PM
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  1. Alexander88's Avatar
    how can i use my pc as mic for my smartphone? I need this for call center.. Or, how can i have full control (audio input/output) to smartphone from pc? Thanks !
    07-24-2016 01:20 PM
  2. donflyinandroid's Avatar
    What Shure has done to combat this epidemic
    Our friends at the MOTIV team at Shure has come up with an ingenious way of combatting the error many of my friends have innocently made by plugging in their earbuds/mic —or even a high-end Bose headset with mic— with TRRS plug when they weren’t supposed to do that.

    Shure headset adapter

    Actually, the cable adapter (shown above) that Shure is including with many new digital MOTIV devices solves two problems at once. Here I will paraphrase Shure’s explanation from the user manual:

    You often require a slimmer connection to the headphone output on your recording device. The cable adapter accommodates headphones (which may or may not include a microphone, and may be TRS or TRRS) with larger connectors and allows them to plug into the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, even through many cases.
    The adapter cable will automatically disable the inline microphone that may be present on your earphones or headphones. The adapter cable ensures that the recorded sound comes solely from the Shure MOTIV device and not the microphone of your earphones or headset.
    12-20-2016 06:14 PM
  3. Stoshie's Avatar
    Do you describe all of the various proprietary Android connectors interfaces as elitist too?
    Why do you expect Apple to make interfaces for anything other than their phones? Apple is pretty big on sound quality which is why they specify such things.
    Apple is big on sound quality? What a joke. They, more than anyone else, popularized the MP3 lossy format for music, and continue to use it as their main format (yes, I know they offer a lossless format, but few people use it).

    Apply makes their systems proprietary for one reason, and one reason only - to lock customers into using their products. Open source, non-proprietary formats for interfaces and other things are just as good as what Apple provides; there is no intrinsic qualitative difference between what Apple forces you to use and anything else.
    04-24-2017 04:11 PM
53 123