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    Default Re: Cant save pictures from mms messages

    I was having a very similar problem and thanks to this forum stumbled on a solution. I'm not familiar enough with the S3 to know about connecting to a computer, but maybe this will help instead. It's a very simple solution so you may have already tried it. However being a complete novice on the S3, this issue stumped me (and several other novices) for quite a while.

    So... 1. After saving the the photo from the mms, open your gallery. 2. Once there, use the back button (to the right of the home button) to navigate to the last (or earliest) screen in your gallery before returning to your phone's home screen (ie, the screen in gallery where if you pressed back once more, you would go to one of your home pages). 3. Once at that last gallery page, press your options button (to the left of your home button) and select 'View by'. 4. This should open a box giving you several choices of where you want to view pictures from. Select 'All content' or 'Content in device'. 5. This should bring up your pictures if they did save to your phone.

    I realize step 2 is a bit confusing. Basically I'm just trying to navigate you to a page where you'll be able to see the 'View by' when you hit the options button. I found that not all pages offer that. Also, for me the phone was automatically set to 'Content in Picasa' and thus only showed those pictures and not any from my phone. Again, I'm very much a novice and realize there may be an easier way to do what I did, but at least it worked for me. I sincerely hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Cant save pictures from mms messages

    Hmm. Rereading your message, I'm thinking my suggestion may not help. Sorry. Maybe worth a try. Hope you find a solution.
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    Default Re: Cant save pictures from mms messages

    Funny. I never get mms messages until my sister sent me two pictures of my nephew the other day and then I had the exact same problem, couldn't figure out how to save the pics. So thank you johnj2803 and Motoslave!
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    Default Re: Cant save pictures from mms messages

    I have recently switched over to the new HTC One. I am a new android user and have not found a solution to my problem yet. When receiving a pic in the Messages app, I tried the long click on both the picture and the message thread and opted to "Save Picture" both times. My issue is I have no idea where it goes from there. I've looked in Gallery and under Downloads, and nothing. The new HTC One's don't have a SD slot so its impossible that its in some external memory somewhere.

    Please help!
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    Lightbulb Re: Cant save pictures from mms messages

    I don't know if it worked before the current software, but it is possible when I tried today.
    1. Don't open the message, but from the message folder tap and hold the Pic.
    2. Several options will appear.
    3. Choose Save Attachment
    4. Place a checkmark after the series of numbers.jpg.
    5. Click Save and it will save to your SD Card.
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