Sorry for the late bump, but this thread helped me a lot.

Ever since the 4.3 update (I always thought this was just a coincidence), my charge takes 3-5 hours. Usually it takes 4 hours. It used to take 2 hours.

Charging from the car is quick, and I noticed charging from my PC takes pretty much the same amount as time as the wall charger (4 hours). What was the problem?

I tried using my ASUS TFT300 charger (1.2A) and I saw a little improvement. I got it charged at 3 hours. That was at least bearable.

By doing what everyone else suggested here: changing the USB cable, that made a world of difference. I am using my Logitech remote cable. Now I am back to 2-2.5 hours to charge. As dumb as this reason sounded, that was it.

Thanks for your help!