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    Default Can't TXT more than 10 at a time?

    Just moved from a long line of HTC phones sorry to keep asking questions... I've tried to find this answer. I am a Youth Leader and work in the Sports Industry I need to group text a lot and just discovered that I can not text more than 10 people at a time like I could on my old phones, is their a work around or anyone suggest an alternative app that is best for the SGIII/GNII? Thanks guys!

    EDIT: Never mind about the third party suggestions I tried out a couple and I really need some work around that I can be in my "Contacts" and be able to click my group then send message and even using a third party app doesn't fix that. I don't want to have to layer bloat just to do that LOL any suggestions?
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    Default Re: Can't TXT more than 10 at a time?

    This should help you

    I don't know any work around this other than a third party solution.

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