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    Default HELP! my S3 just died and wont turn on or charge

    Hiya all.

    My S3 is about 6/7 months old.. iv had no problems with it t all. the odd freezing but i do use it all the time!

    Today i was using it this morning fine, checking FB and such, put it in its case and in my pocket.. it buzzed twice while i was busy doing something and when i went to check it some half hour later the screen was black.. i assumed it had run flat, so tried to put on charge but im getting no flashing red led to tell me its charging. i cant power it on, i cant do anything, iv tried taking the battery out, iv used two different chargers (me and hubby have the same phone)

    hubby is out so i cant try his battery

    im short of what to do next!

    is it under samsung warrenty? will it cost to fix?

    I dont have insurance with T mob where i got it from but do have insurance through the bank but that will be 100
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    Default Re: HELP! my S3 just died and wont turn on or charge

    There have been several reports over different carriers of the SG3 just dying and no trouble shooting is getting it to work. Samsung has been replacing the devices and yes they come with a one year factory warrant. If you google samsung galaxy s3 dies you will see alot of articles posted in the last few days.

    Samsung Galaxy S3 'sudden death' reported by some users | SciTech | GMA News Online | The Go-To Site for Filipinos Everywhere
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    Default Re: HELP! my S3 just died and wont turn on or charge

    You might want to read this thread. It explains what is possibly wrong. S3's are dying after 150 days. No!!!

    Sent From My Galaxy S3
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    Default Re: HELP! my S3 just died and wont turn on or charge

    thanks all.. job for after the holidays then!!

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