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    Default can't send a message

    On my wife's S3 she can't send a message. The phone acts like it's freezing up. It has a blue circle in the bottom left corner going around & around. I did a restart & soft reset, but still has the circle.
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    Default Re: can't send a message

    Mine too! The first time i downloaded Go Sms on my phone it works perfectly fine but when i started updating the app whenever i send some message it always give me the sent notification but the one Iím messaging doesnít actually receive the SMS/MMS. Please help because i donít prefer using Handcent or any other Messaging applications in the market other than GoSms. Thanks in advance for your reply. Rock on! \m/
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    Default Re: can't send a message

    Samsung said to go into settings, App Mgr. & clear the data. A Verizon forum said maybe it wasn't syncing. I tried both, now i think my wife's phone is ok. Not sure if one or the other fixed it or not. If these steps don't work maybe try another msg. app. Good luck.

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