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    Default Can't end calls

    Had anyone else had this and preferably found a fix?

    I dropped my s3 the other week and cracked the top third of the screen... ever since the phone freezes during calls, so I can't end them without pulling the battery.

    I'm a bit annoyed as a phone isn't much use with dubious phone functionality, and the cracked screen would have invalidates the warranty
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    Default Re: Can't end calls

    Considering the phone's display has been damaged and its showing obvious signs of not operating properly you can't really expect a fix other than get the screen repaired/replaced either by doing so yourself or paying the carrier/store damage replacement cost to fix it.

    Rotten situation but this goes back to previous years when it was common practice when carriers/store warranties used to cover screen damage "smashed screens, etc. " and consumers purposely would break/damage the phone to get a new refurb or replacement model using the warranty to their advantage. I saw this happen on numerous occasions at my local Sprint stores... Finally the carriers/store warranty companies said enough is enough...
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    Default Re: Can't end calls

    That's what I thought... The repair centre near me is charging almost as much to replace the screen as a new s3 would cost which is a lot to pay to then use the warranty to fix another issue.

    Looks like my plan of putting up until the s4 comes out may not work
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    Default Re: Can't end calls

    A bit annoyed? With yourself, I hope, and not the phone. It would seem a bit much to blame the phone for damaged you caused.
    PLEASE, when asking for help provide as much information as possible. We can't help unless we know what the symptoms are and what you did before they began.

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