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    Exclamation Need Help!!! SIM card permanently blocked...

    HEY guys i am in big trouble here and i really need some help.
    Yesterday i was moving around the settings in my rooted Samsung galaxy s3 (sprint) and after waking my phone from it showed a screen that asked me for a puk code. i called the company and they said that they couldnt really do much because the phone was rooted and it was out of their hands. The guy i talked suggested to reset data and i did but the problem still remained. He also told me to return to flash back to the stock rom and that should fix it. I am now running the stock rom but i just have this message in my notifications bar that says "Invalid SIM Card- SIM card permanently blocked". The problem was not fixed after flashing back to the stock rom. I have searched the internet and hve found nothing on how to resolve my issue. I have not been able to use my phone for 2 days now. Any help would be really appreciated.
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    Default Re: Need Help!!! SIM card permanently blocked...

    If you're stock take the device to your carrier and have them fix it. Maybe a new sim card?

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    Default Re: Need Help!!! SIM card permanently blocked...

    yeah i kinda had that option as my last resort. Thats probably what ill do. But does the galaxy s3 for sprint have a SIM card? because i have popped the battery out and looked around and there doesnt seem to be one unless its internal and not visible to us....
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    I have the samsung galaxy s5 through Verizon and am having the same problem as you. Even though the Verizon system was down, that was not the reason why I could not receive or make phone calls. I am going into Verizon today to get a new SIM card because I read another post on another site saying that I need to replace it. That is most likely the issue. I was getting messages saying that my sim card is permanently blocked and that it is inserted the wrong way. I finally figured out how to remove it with tweezers after removing my battery off of the back of the phone, and that did not resolve my issue. I'll be going to Verizon in the next half hour and hope that will resolve the problem.! :-)
    Good luck to you.Hopefully your problem is the same as mine, and that all we need is a new SIM card! :-)
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    Problem solved! The SIM card needed to be replaced.

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    Welcome to the forums!
    Quote Originally Posted by alw83167 View Post
    Problem solved! The SIM card needed to be replaced.
    Thanks for following up on your issue!

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