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    Default New S3 LTE (GT-I9305), how to get "GSM Only" option in Mobile Networks Settings?

    Hello Everyone,

    Recently I bought S3 LTE (GT-I9305) but surprised to see that there is no option in Mobile Networks Setting to keep your mobile on "GSM Only"
    (to save battery if we are talking on voice mainly). Only two options are provided either switch your mobile to "WCDMA Only" or " GSM/WCDMA/LTE Auto" mode. On the other hand one of my friend have same handset with Android 4.1.1 with "GSM Only" option as well.
    Could anyone tell me what is the reason & possible way to add "GSM Only" mobile network setting in my S3 LTE? I have upgraded to Android 4.1.2 but no luck

    Please help.. !
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    Default Re: New S3 LTE (GT-I9305), how to get "GSM Only" option in Mobile Networks Settings?

    Full disclosure: I don't have a GSM phone, so I may not know what I'm talking about. Do you want to turn off all data, or get data over the very slow GSM connection?

    If you want to turn off data completely, you should be able to go to settings / Wireless and network / More settings, tap Mobile Networks, and uncheck Mobile data.

    If you still want to receive emails, etc. over the GSM connection, I'm afraid I can't help.
    PLEASE, when asking for help provide as much information as possible. We can't help unless we know what the symptoms are and what you did before they began.

    If I've helped you, please click the "Thanks" button.

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    Default Re: New S3 LTE (GT-I9305), how to get "GSM Only" option in Mobile Networks Settings?

    I want to use 2G with data occasionally, my question that why we dont have 2G only option in network settings?
    Currently I have 3G only and Auto mode, I just want to add one more option so that whenever I need to use only 2G, I can use it (to save battery in case of long travelling.
    I dont want to disable any other mobile network option.
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    Default Re: New S3 LTE (GT-I9305), how to get "GSM Only" option in Mobile Networks Settings?

    Well, the old "Phone Info" app has that, it has a whole load of choices. I use it because I'm in a marginal coverage area for 4G/LTE, and use 3G for mobile instead (WiFi at home). I've seen download links for it in individual postings. They removed the real thing from the Market after the Jelly Bean update, but the original Phone Info app still works. If you ask around, I'm sure that you'll be able to find it. I think that you may have to install it as an apk, which is kind of a pain unless you've done that before, but I find it very convenient and easy to use.

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