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    Default Quick AC Charger from T-Mobile

    My friend just purchased an AC charger for his T-Mobile Galaxy S2 and the sale person said it would charge quicker than a normal charger.
    I tried it yesterday and it was very quick. When I plugged in my S3 it was at 35% and I can swear in was up to 45% in about 10 minutes.

    Are these high speed chargers good for your battery?

    Thanks for your comments.

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    Default Re: Quick AC Charger from T-Mobile

    Well, there's one member here who claims to have tested the S3 and found it won't charge at a rate of greater than 800mA no matter what charger you plug it in to.
    Let's do some calculations: The stock battery in an s3 is 2100 mA. So 35% would leave you at about 735 mA. 45% gives you about 945. That's a gain of 210 mA in 10 minutes, which implies a charge rate of about 1260 mA. So you might want to double check your measurements more carefully.

    But assuming your measurement is correct, I think that as long as the battery doesn't really heat up while charging, you're probably OK.
    PLEASE, when asking for help provide as much information as possible. We can't help unless we know what the symptoms are and what you did before they began.

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