Bought an S3 from China but noticed that it didnt have anything related to Google (except for the OS) this, due to some legal issues they have between Google and that country, anyway. Since in China they use a particular modem you can't just install a ROM from another country, it just won't work, it will fail at the modem step. Now, somebody in this God-Like community made a hybrid ROM putting together the actual from ROM from France and the modem from China's ROM. I installed it and it works PERFECT! BUT... they big BUT is that you can't update it with KIES nor OTA since it is actually an "unofficial" ROM...and i was wondering: Are there any other Countries that work with this same modem and have all the Google goodies in their ROM? I would be using the one from CHINA if it just had the google stuff in it. You can't even have access to the Play Store.