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    Default One Click Root

    Hello! Has anyone used the One Click Root Software? One Click Root | Android Rooting Software
    I want to root my phone with the option of un-rooting if I need to. The website looks great but I am totally new to this stuff. I guess I want to make sure it is safe and really works before I try it for myself. Thanks in advance for all your help!
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    Default Re: One Click Root

    Which variant of the S3 do you own. There is a warning that it will not work on the SGH-I535 from Verizon. I have not use this software so really do not know. Also reading some of the comments it does not work with 4.1.1 or 4.1.2 OS. Use Caution.
    This is the S3 page>>How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 | One Click Root
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    Default Re: One Click Root

    I'm not familiar with this approach either, although I know some people on the forums have used it. The FAQ says it only works with OS version up to 4.02, so if you're on Jellybean forget it.

    My biggest concern is that it's a black box. I don't know what it does, or what changes it makes to the device. Will it retain root if you later update to a new version of the OS? Don't know. Does it retain the stock recovery or install something like CWM or TWRP? Don't know.

    Let us know what version of the S3 you have, and we can point you to solid instructions.

    Also, why do you want to root? What benefits do you expect to get? I strongly urge you to read through the rooting forum here on A|C for you specific version of the device, and understand what's going on, and what the risks are. Especially if you're thinking about using a custom ROM, you really want to understand what you're doing, and not just blindly jump in. Flashing the wrong ROM can completely brick your phone, turning it into an expensive door stop.
    PLEASE, when asking for help provide as much information as possible. We can't help unless we know what the symptoms are and what you did before they began.
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    Default Re: One Click Root

    I agree. Stick with a well respected/reliable source for your rooting and hacking information and tools used.
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    Default Re: One Click Root

    It is the SGH-I747
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    Default Re: One Click Root

    That's the AT&T version, right? In that case, I recommend this method: How to Root The AT&T Galaxy S3 (From The Sprint Forums)

    It's the same procedure I used on my Sprint GS3, and it's straightforward and reliable. I suggest you read all the instructions carefully, then read the entire thread, before beginning. If you have any questions, ask before you start.
    PLEASE, when asking for help provide as much information as possible. We can't help unless we know what the symptoms are and what you did before they began.
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    Default Re: One Click Root

    I find this tempting to use also, as everything else I've tried so far has failed for one reason or another. Mine is an SPH-L710. Framaroot (no exploit has worked) and a while back I think it was Heimdall which I tried it with (linux PC as well.) I should have made a log of what I tried and why it didn't work.
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    Default Re: One Click Root

    Quote Originally Posted by free90x View Post
    I find this tempting to use also
    Why do you want to root your phone? What problem are you trying to solve?

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    Default Re: One Click Root

    I joined this forum to ask about one click root, as I'm also finding it tempting. I currently have a ZTE Majesty, which, according to my Google skills, seems to be unrootable. One click root claims that it can root this device, but I don't really want to use it if it is widely known to be unsafe. Before you even ask, my main purpose for rooting is to remove bloatware, and to install apps to SD. I may wish to do a very mild over clock, but not a lot. The performance of this phone is doable. My main gripe is storage capacity. I had a rather nice HTC, which did not survive a motorcycle accident, and I purchased this for use with my carrier hastily, from my hospital room, as I needed a phone asap. The specs looked manageable for the price, I like the large screen size, and I figured that after removing bloatware, and installing app to SD, storage would not be an issue. Sadly, I can't seem to get root, and since I'm just now returning to work after a 5 month absence, a new phone is not in the budget.
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    Default Re: One Click Root

    ZTE Majesty? This is a Samsung Galaxy S3 forum.
    Samsung Galaxy S3 4gLTE

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