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    Default Re: My Samsung Galaxy S3 won't turn on

    Samsung, without exception, is the worst phone on the market. I cannot believe that people actually buy their crap. I have had the same problem with the phone turning off randomly, not charging because the instruments are cheap crap, completely user UN-friendly, etc. I can't wait to get back to an iPhone. I would rather have a convenience store cheapy. At least then I would get what I pay for!!!
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    Default Re: My Samsung Galaxy S3 won't turn on

    I have a Verizon Galaxy S3. Bought it last year on eBay. It was running fine till 3 days ago. Then when I disconnect the charge cable. It won't turn on at all (no vibration, no display). If the charge cable is connected, the screen shows battery being charge. However, unlike before, no percentage shown till it's 100% charged. If I press the Power button, it will show Samsung logo and then Verizon logo, then it just goes back to battery charging display.

    I tried removing the battery, waited and then pressed the Power button. After re-inserting the battery, pressed the Powe button. The phone showed no response (no vibration, blank screen). The condition stays the same as above.

    I put the battery into another S3 and verified the battery is good.

    I found your suggestions. With the charge cable connected and pressing Power/VolumeUp/Home button, I went into Recovery mode. I tried Wipe Cache from Partition. No improvement. I tried Factory Reset. No improvement. Then I pressed Power/VolumeDown/Home button. In the Download mode, I used Kies to re-install the firmware. After it went through the whole process, it is in the same condition as it had started.

    What else can I do?
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    Default My samsung gt s7582 fully off

    Before i tried to flash a new version of cwm in my phone and i saw a red reclamation mark after 2 days my phone is not staring i cannot enter recocery or downlaod mode so please help me please now i cannot even see the starup screen with red exclamation mark
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    Default Re: My Samsung Galaxy S3 won't turn on

    I've currently got that horrible screen when I turn on my S3 (white with thin black lines). Can't off it. Is it salvageable?
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    Default Re: My Samsung Galaxy S3 won't turn on

    I have an old smasung I bought at a garage sale (slide up but touchscreen too.) And it has the battery in it still and looks completely fine! Then I go to turn it on and its completely black. I;ve tried charging it for 24 hours straight. ANd still not even a sign of life.

    Any ideas???
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    Default Re: My Samsung galaxy S3 won't turn on

    Quote Originally Posted by Jermaine Watson View Post
    I have done everything, when i plug my phone in without the battery, the red Notification light comes on for about one and a half minutes, then goes off (The screen never comes on or anything). When i plug in my phone with the battery in the phone nothing happens at all.. my screen stays blank and everything!

    Regardless of whether or not the phone is plugged in or not, with or without the battery, when i hold the power button, the phone doesn't vibrate, nor does the screen light up. (this is the same when i simultaneously hold the Home, Power, and Volume Up keys)

    My phone has started this weird habit of randomly restarting in the past few months when i go to open or run an application, but this time it just went blank and will not turn back on.

    Before this happened today i was on Kik (A messenger app) and i had just clicked to save a picture my friend sent me...... and BLAM!!! The screen just went blank, and hasn't come back on ._.

    can someone please tell me what happened, why it happened, and/ or what i have to do to get my phone to work again?

    Thanks For Your Time! pleaseeee help meeee
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    Default Re: My Samsung galaxy S3 won't turn on

    Quote Originally Posted by Natallya Avancini View Post
    I've tried all of that and yet it still doesn't work. It acts like it's turning on but stays on the same screen as if it were turning on with the 4G and the circle lights around out. I've been trying to take out the battery and leave it out then turn it back on and charge it for a bit while turned off and nothings working. I've been trying everything all day
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    Default Re: My Samsung galaxy S3 won't turn on

    This is what I'm facing right now, anyone can help??
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    Default Re: My Samsung Galaxy S3 won't turn on

    Here is the thing: I got a Samsung Galaxy S3 from a friend for temporary usage. As you can figure out, the phone is old and was used a lot. Everything was fine, except that the battery dies very fast, but this is normal for the age of the phone. However, today it started locking and unlocking the screen, blinking, I also saw these messages "abdroid.process.media has stopped" (sth like that), also "Photos has stopped". Then with the time being it started switching off after locking by itself. To switch it on, I had to wait a lot, press the power button many times and so on. I decided to make a factory reset (from Settings). Now it won't even turn on. Led does not show charging, screen does not light (only for less than a second I saw the Samsung sign and with smaaaaal blue letter top left corner there was sth written, too). It vibrates when I plug it in charger and that is all. I tried taking the battery out and so on and on...Also, pressing all 3 physical buttons at once.. Nothing! Please, help!
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