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    Question Help with touch keys lighting

    On my Galaxy S3, I've noticed that the touch key lights always light when I touch the screen. I would like them to only light when I touch them, the keys. I'm almost positive they used to, and now suddenly have started lighting when I touch the screen. I've seen similar threads like this on different websites, but they're all the opposite from what I want. I have even talked to a Samsung Helper on a live chat, but he told me there was nothing I could do (not even mentioning the Touch Key Light Duration setting, which, by the way, doesn't have a part in my question.) Could someone please help?
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    My keys have always come on when I touch the screen. I do think they are tied together.
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    GT is right, that's the way the work, and have always worked. The only option you have for controlling those lights is how long they stay on.
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    ^^this^^ How long they stay on, or whether they light up at all.

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    What everyone else said. I just keep mine off permanently, the on/off lighting just got annoying.

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