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    Default Galaxy S3 screen wont light up..Help!

    So I got pushed into the ocean with my phone in my hand and when i got out I took the battery out and tried to dry it. I put the phone in rice for a whole night and when i took it out the next morning I looked on youtube as to how I can clean the phone after water damage. I followed the youtube video and put the battery in and everything was working perfectly. After a couple of hours however, my phone screen just turned pink and then it went black. I can still hear it receiving messages and I can touch the screen and i can hear the number when dialing and other noises like when i tap the home button and other sorts. I was wondering what I can do? I need help. I dont have money to buy a new phone right now. I took it all apart and put it in rice again in order to see if it willdry up some more. Please help!
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    Default Re: Galaxy S3 screen wont light up..Help!


    There's no guarantee that your phone won't have other long-term problems after replacing the screen assembly, but this is the only way to take care of the problem that you describe.

    I don't know if those YouTube videos had you clean the hardware with alcohol, or rinse it in clean water, but seawater is very caustic where electronics are involved - leaving it in rice isn't a complete solution.

    Finally, I don't see why you should have to pay for a new/replacement phone - that should be the problem of the person that pushed you in.

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    Default Re: Galaxy S3 screen wont light up..Help!

    +1 to what GSDer said. Salt water is a killer. If you didn't thoroughly rinse the phone in alcohol or clear water, it's likely toast. And "a whole night" really won't dry out a phone that's gotten dunked. Most people recommend a minimum of 24 hours, with 48 hours preferred.

    And +1 to having the person who pushed you in buy you a new phone. Maybe next time they won't act like a complete *****.
    PLEASE, when asking for help provide as much information as possible. We can't help unless we know what the symptoms are and what you did before they began.

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