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    Default phone dying in dialed menus

    I am constantly in some call to a computerized system, and it asks me several sets of numbers to input... and about the time I get started putting my social or a long number in, the android starts cutting out as I try to type. What am I missing?
    Does the phone have a limit on how many numbers can be inputted in a single call? I can't even get to the local social security office... I get halfway through a menu and the phone starts blacking out every time my finger goes close to the screen. I have considered tossing the device several times....
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    Default Re: phone dying in dialed menus

    With the Phone app open, press the Menu button, select Call Settings, then uncheck 'Auto screen off during calls'

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    Default Re: phone dying in dialed menus

    That was the trick, thanks so much! That had been bothering me for a while... it is basically what keeps you from dialing as your face is against the screen? I'll have to keep that in mind now as I talk. ;-)

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