Hey guys

So, I bought a new Galaxy S3 4g for Virgin Mobile today. I brought it home and did not update it past 4.1.2, because I thought the older firmware would be easier to root than anything newer. (wrong.). I followed steps to get my computer to recognize the phone and to get into Odin. Smooth. I put on cwm recovery with odin, but instead of taking the 10 seconds, it took 4. Weird. I booted into cwm recovery, and now it will read neither an internal SD or external. I can't root, so I can't replace the stock kernel with something that would agree with cwm. I can't get access to /emmc or the external sd, so I can't get root that way. Framaroot's expoits failed. I can't update OTA because of CWM. ADB is stupid on my laptop and almost bricked my last android. I really don't know what to do at all... Please help me. Is there a way I can wipe and start all over? If so, is there a way to do that and keep the activation I just paid $35 for at Best Buy? As an aside, the phone is as of right now functional. All apps and functions seem to be working smoothly, but what's under the hood is being completely wonky. I was trying to root so I could flash paranoid android.

Thank you to everyone that helps,