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    Unhappy Samsung S3 Battery life - Is this normal


    I use my S3 for Normal usage (whatsapp mostly, maybe surfing a bit thru facebook and the occasional website on the opera explorer). I dont use it for anything else, and I notice that the battery lifetime rarely exceeds 13h.... is this normal? does it really last half a day? here are some screenshots (notice the screen on time... just 2:36h...)
    Just wanted to hear some opinions on this...

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Samsung S3 Battery life - Is this normal-screenshot_2013-12-03-20-36-51.png   Samsung S3 Battery life - Is this normal-screenshot_2013-12-03-20-36-56.png   Samsung S3 Battery life - Is this normal-screenshot_2013-12-03-20-37-03.png  
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    Default Re: Samsung S3 Battery life - Is this normal

    are you rooted? if so you may beon a custom rom that uses a lot of battery or you may have overclocked your device and that will shorten your battery life too
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    That doesn't seem unusual for 2 1/2 hours of screen on time, combined with a fairly week signal much of the time. The screen accounts for most of your battery usage (63% of the charge used so far, and nothing else is using a lot of battery. About all you can do is turn the brightness down, and if you have a wifi signal available make use of it.
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    ^ Agreed - this looks pretty normal, especially since it looks like you're on a mobile data connection (running Edge speed?) rather than Wi-Fi.

    Your Awake events track to your Screen On events pretty closely, so I don't see a problem there.

    Cellular signal is somewhat marginal - you could use GSam Battery Monitor Pro: (there's also a free version) to look more closely at the Radio Detail if you were so inclined.

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