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    I seriously considered rooting my Galaxy S3 because I prefer the stock android to the Samsung Android. Plus I'm still on 4.1.2 because Verizon has yet to update me. I went online and found various .apk's. Now I have the full experience of the nexus 5 and Android 4.4, with a kit Kat launcher, kit Kat camera, kit Kat calender, kit Kat photos and so much more. I even have the hotword detection feature. I didn't root my phone so I still have my warranty, and even if I did the best I could get would be 4.3. And I can go back to touchwiz whenever I want. Don't root, get apks. They are easy to find AMD work on any phone. Galaxy s3, s4, HTC one, LG G2 , etc

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    Default Re: Do Not Root

    Well done but surely its the phone owners choice to root or not in my case my note 2 is out of warranty and it was easy to root and put kitkat on.

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    For me, ROOT'ing is great but what I don't do is use a custom ROM.
    Instead I simply install Xposed Framework & a bunch of its Modules. That way I get pretty much the best features of other ROMs while staying stock.

    At first I was concerned this might break the update process & since I'm using a Nexus 5 I don't want to miss out on updates, but that's not a problem at all.

    Only thing I need to do to get the OTA updates to work:
    -uninstall the Xposed Framework data
    That's it, I'm back to stock.

    Then I'm ready to download/install the OTA update. Once that's installed, it'll break ROOT so it's just 1 additional step to get back to using Xposed Framework:
    -re-ROOT using WugsFresh Nexus ROOT Toolkit
    -re-install the Xposed Framework data
    That's it, I'm back to how I was before the OTA update just now with the updated version of Android.

    Whole process is less than 15mins.
    Only thing I need to be careful of before applying the OTA update is that my bootloader is still unlocked. The OTA update won't relock it, but I use a ROOT App to relock it to not have the little icon on my boot animation, but that's a simple process of opening the App to check prior to applying the OTA update - less than 5secs to check, but essential since if you update while it's locked, you'll need to wipe your device to re-ROOT (something I found out the hard way when applying the 4.4.1 update...but was thankfully ready for when applying the 4.4.2 update).

    Personally, I think the days of custom ROMs are numbered, in favor of Frameworks like Xposed.

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    Default Re: Do Not Root

    Quote Originally Posted by Zach Kirk View Post
    I didn't root my phone so I still have my warranty,
    Are you sure about that?
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    Default Re: Do Not Root

    I would rather root and have full control of my device. My X is rooted, and I don't think can accept an OTA. But honestly I am fine with that.

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    Default Re: Do Not Root

    Rooting isn't for everyone, and shouldn't be undertaken without a thorough understanding of the risks and rooting process. But there are many valid reasons for rooting other than running newer, or different, ROMs.
    PLEASE, when asking for help provide as much information as possible. We can't help unless we know what the symptoms are and what you did before they began.

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    Default Re: Do Not Root

    While I agree that rooting is not useful for most users, for some it can be very helpful. For example, it will provide access to root based files and core operations. This may benefit the end users because there are apps that use these root files.

    However, I even waited till my warranty is out before rooting. One reason is that if there is defect on the phone due to manufacture's errors, why should I pay for it? That's my personal logic. So, I am rooted now on my S3 since it is already passed the Warranty stage. | SGH-I747M

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