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    Default Otterbox is a great case!

    I've dropped my phone with the commuter case on it and still my phone is intact and going strong. I had some of the soft and tough parts cracking so i sent pics to otterbox and what do you know, they sent me a new case! Very impressed with the otterbox and the great company they have going, otterboxes are definitely in my future with phones!
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    Default Re: Otterbox is a great case!

    I like the commuter cases too. Tough and still inexpensive.

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    Default Re: Otterbox is a great case!

    I have also replaced my son's commuter case due to a crack- a few emailed photos to the company and a replacement was sent immediately... My case- also a Commuter (I am more careful) still looks new! We've had our phones for over a year now. I just bought the Otterbox Defender for my other son! We are loyal Otterbox fans... LOL My phone (outside of the case looks brand new). I always recommend Otterbox cases! I'd rather have a little bulk and the quality and safety of these cases than a "thin" pretty case anyday!

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    Default Re: Otterbox is a great case!

    hands down best unless you're willing to go for the defender. I've lobbed my phone across rooms and into walls maybe 70+ times, only twice has the screen cracked. You'd be surprised how much abuse the case can take. But then there are those instances when a 3' fall into the corner will shatter your screen. And +1 for customer support.

    Amazon has them for pretty cheap. With so many colors, I bought a couple to mix and match. Also that way you have some spares to destroy.

    I used to throw my moto-X way more than my s3 and never broke a screen. I accidentally dropped it 50' while climbing and watched it bounce down the wall. No cracks, no scratches. I like to think it was the otterbox, but luck definitely kept the screen side from hitting rock. The case cracked and otterbox replaced it.

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