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    Default White color scheme on S4 to S3

    Hello this may be a dumb question. I upgraded awhile back to the S3 but one issue I've have, due to my vision its getting harder to see everything on the black background with white lettering. I was recently at at&t and seen the Galaxy S4 and how the OS has the white background with black text making it more easy to see. I love the white color scheme as far a contact list, dial pad . Is there anything I can do to get this on my S3. Im not due for an upgrade yet. I know on some older android phones gave you the option to switch from black to white. Thanks for any info!
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    Default Re: White color scheme on S4 to S3

    You can try this - go to Settings -> Accessibility, scroll down to the Vision heading and check 'Negative colors'. HTH.

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