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    My galaxy s3 charges super slow, I have checked to see if there was something wrong with the battery and nothing was wrong. I turned on airplane mode and kept wifi off, i checked the usage app and said it was the screen but I always keep it onthe lowest setting. If it helps my phone is on the 4.3 update, before the update this has never happened.
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    That's rather unusual.
    Are you using a wall charger or USB port on a computer?

    Have you tried turning the phone off and seeing if it charges at a normal rate there? It should take about two hours to fully charge if you're using a wall charger.

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    The charger that came with mine charged extremely slow. I found another older charger from either my old BlackBerry or something and charges fully in about 45 minutes or so

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    The vast majority of charging problems are caused by a bad USB cable. Try swapping the cable, or the entire charger / cable, and see if that makes a difference. If not, the problem may be the USB socket on the phone. Make sure there isn't any dirt of pocket lint stuck in there.
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    Get one for a higher voltage. If your phone can support it then it will charge faster.

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