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    Default My Galaxy S3 won't turn on.

    Okay, so this title might be a little misleading. My phone will power on but then it gets stuck at the Samsung logo screen and will not go any further.

    Up until this morning I was having no problems with the phone but then I foolishly decided to install the Android 4.3 update. Everything was going fine until the phone restarted and would not turn back on. I left it for around 2 hours but it was stuck on the Samsung screen. Since then I have tried connecting to Kies via USB but it won't recognise my phone. I have done a factory reset but this has also done nothing to help.

    Phoned Samsung tech support and they told me that I will need to send my phone away for at least 14 days for them to take a look at it. Don't really want to be without my phone over the festive period so if anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated
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    Default Re: My Galaxy S3 won't turn on.

    There's already several threads for this - please join in one of those and read what's already been written/suggested.

    Here's one Samsung Galaxy S3 frozen on start screen... HELP PLEASE!

    And welcome to the forums.

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