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    Default Where's my screen app?

    I'm brand new, first smartphone, Samsung Ring (I'm not sure if this is the right forum). Had the phone 2 wks and basically can figure out stuff as I have 2 macs and 2 pc's. But it's a little more tricky with the Samsung. I might be asking some questions now and then.

    So, I find that things mysteriously disappear on me, I was driving from LA to Phoenix and lost data after Palm Springs. One day later, in AZ, it all came back. But now and then sme things disappear; I somehow had a clock/calendar/weather/location screen (Is this an "app"?) which came by itself and now is gone. Question is: where did that great image come from and where did it disappear to?

    Appreciate any comments, etc.
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    Default Re: Where's my screen app?

    Well, mobile data is pretty spotty between Phoenix and Indio or so. Cellular coverage is a bit better but there's still lots of places with no/little cellular coverage.

    It's strange that it took so long for your mobile data to come back - who's your carrier?

    It sounds like maybe you had a weather widget on your screen; perhaps a different Home screen? If you swipe left or right from your main Home screen maybe you'll come across it.

    BTW, this is the Samsung Galaxy S3 forum - I don't even know what a Ring is. Welcome to the forums anyway :-)
    What model number is the phone?
    What version of Android (Settings -> About phone?)

    Edit: I couldn't find a Samsung Ring forum - we'll see how similar your phone is once you tell us what version of Android is on it. Hopefully we can help you. (Be sure to read the manual!)

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