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    Default Linking Facebook contacts to my contact list without getting EVERYONE!

    I've just gotten an S3 for Christmas and I'm struggling to create my contact list because I can't seem to link my contacts with my Facebook contacts.
    If I try to share my contacts through the Facebook apps I get all the contacts even if I choose the option to share my contacts that are in my contacts on my phone. I tried to do this and delete the contacts but then I find that I can't link the contacts that I want with the phone numbers I have so I'm stuck with two contacts one with the number and one with the rest of the information. Is there anyway to actually link both my Facebook contacts and my chosen contacts?

    Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: Linking Facebook contacts to my contact list without getting EVERYONE!

    when you're in the edit for a contact, hit the menu button and click link or join depending on your rom.

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