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    Default Samsung S3 won't send MMS

    Hi, I have a Sprint Galaxy S3 that I am using with Straight Talk. I have talked to customer service and Samsung and I can't figure out why my phone won't send a picture. When I try to send a picture it just sits there, sometimes for hours, trying to send the message and I'll eventually just get the message "MMS Failed". All you see when trying to send is the load circle. I've seen on the forums where people suggest adding an APN; however, I cannot add an APN. I don't have that option and Straight Talk says that I actually don't need an APN or it's already built in or something. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    Default Re: Samsung S3 won't send MMS

    How is your 3G/4G signal when it fails? If you are in a weak signal area it just will not go. If you are on 2G/Edge it won't work either.
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    Default Re: Samsung S3 won't send MMS

    I don't know anything about the difference between the Sprint version phone and the AT&T version, but apparently the latter requires APN changes Straight Talk apn settings for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3
    (Straight talk apn settings for at&t samsung galaxy s3)

    Perhaps something in that thread will prove useful - if not, sorry for misdirecting you.

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    is your mobile data on? that usually makes it not send if its off

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