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    Default My Galaxy S3 keeps restarting itself continuously - Help!

    Hi All,

    I am new to this so please bear with me :-)

    My SGS3 woke me up in the early hours of Sunday morning with it restarting itself repeatedly. The phone turns on, i am able to unlock my screen and probably use the phone for about a minute until it restarts itself again. I have left the phone turned off for many hours and turned it back on again and still the same thing is happening. Also have taken the battery out and left the phone for serveral hours too and even still the problem is there.

    Your help will be much appreciated.

    Thanks - Raf
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    Default Re: My Galaxy S3 keeps restarting itself continuously - Help!

    The power/lock screen button might be loose. That is what happened to mine and so my phone kept turning on and off. If you look at the button and it feels loose you might need to get it fixed. Hope that helped. Good luck

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