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    Default Study Shows That the Galaxy S3 is Samsung’s Most Popular Phone in North America

    According to a new study, the*Galaxy S 4isn’t Samsung’s most popular phone in North America. This study analyzed tens of millions of online ad impressions of Samsung smartphone and tablets within the Chitika ad network. The time frame was within December 1st and December 29th.*In that time frame, Chitika saw that S III users generated about 10% more web traffic than that of the Galaxy S 4. The Note series generated about 13% of the overall web traffic.

    The fact that many users are still holding on to their*Galaxy S3could be why the S 4 hasn’t done as well as Samsung had hoped it would. Of course part of that could be in thanks to users being locked into a two year contract with carriers, and most people’s reluctance to pay full price for an upgrade. That being said, most of those people will have contracts that end this year, so Samsung will need to wow people with the S 5 in order to keep users. The study did find some interesting numbers regarding Samsung’s tablet market as well.

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    Default Re: Study Shows That the Galaxy S 3 is Samsung’s Most Popular Phone in North America

    Interesting. I do agree with Sammy needing to really wow people with the S5.

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    Default Re: Study Shows That the Galaxy S 3 is Samsung’s Most Popular Phone in North America

    This doesn't really show which device is more popular. It just gives us a rough idea of device usage patterns.

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