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    Default Galaxy S3: When you break part of the digitizer, do you break the whole thing? (DIY FAIL)

    Call me an *****, and you wouldn't be lying.

    It looks like I'm stuck buying a new digitizer (fully assembled for sure!!!) because I got the bright idea to totally transform my phone from marble white to pebble blue...I actually think it WAS sort of bright, considering everything works except the screen. I basically removed my glass lens, then proceeded to remove the digitzer. I was very careful and everything came off smoothly, but I overlooked the cable that connects the digitizer to the motherboard, so I ended up accidentally pushing on it until it broke. I bought a new bezel, lens, home button, volume/power button...everything necessary to change the color of my phone. Now my phone is assembled and blue, but of course I can't use it because the screen won't turn on. The red charging LED lights up when I plug in the charger, so I know everything works except the display.

    My question is, is the the digitizer broken due to that one small crack? Or did I likely miss a connection somewhere?

    I'm looking to get this display if nothing works out:
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