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    So yesterday I dropped my S3 hard on the ground. When I picked it up, there was a purple tint on the screen (Touch wasn't responsive). I then decided to do a battery pull. It turned off but then it wouldn't turn back on.

    What is broken and do you think it can be easily repaired by my Best Buy warranty so I do not lose my content (Games, music, contacts, etc.)?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Edit 1: @title S3 screen has purple tint after dropping?*
    Edit 2: Nothing seems to be wrong with the phone. The screen isn't cracked.
    Edit 3: It won't charge, either. And with the games, I am wondering if they can fix the phone so I do not lose my progress on the games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 7nexus7 View Post
    What is broken and do you think it can be easily repaired by my Best Buy warranty
    From your description, the screen assembly is borked. A couple of sources are:
    or eBay. These are DIY repairs - if you need someone to do it for you try http://mobiletechvideos.mybigcommerc...epair-service/

    I wouldn't count on Best Buy repairing it under warranty, but you know what you paid for.

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    Default Re: S3 has screen has purple tint after dropping?

    The fact that it won't charge is worrisome. That tells me there's more than just the screen assembly that's been damaged. But I think your only options are to pay to have the phone repaired, or buy a replacement phone.
    PLEASE, when asking for help provide as much information as possible. We can't help unless we know what the symptoms are and what you did before they began.

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