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    Default 4.3 - Turn Off All Sounds widget

    The 4.3 update seems to have deleted this widget. The "Turn Off All Sounds" option can be accessed via Settings > Accessibility, but that's long.

    The option mutes all sounds including reciever voice. If you try to increase volume, the phone won't let you until you turn off the "Turn Off All Sounds" option. So basically nothing can override it.

    Is there an alternate way to get this widget?

    (I'm considering downgrading just to get this widget back.. 4.3 has removed useful features and given further bloatware so I'm very upset about it)
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    Default Re: 4.3 - Turn Off All Sounds widget

    Don't know the answer to your problem but want to let you know that since you upgraded to 4.3, it came with the Samsung Knox security feature. If you try to downgrade it will brick you phone. There is no going back since 4.3 unless you root and install a custom rom to downgrade. You can not downgrade the Bootloader.
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    Default Re: 4.3 - Turn Off All Sounds widget

    Well, you can create a Shortcut to the Accessibility settings (see the Settings widget - 1x1) but that's the closest that I see in the system.

    There's a bazillion widget apps in the Google Play Store and I'm sure you can find one that does what you want if you do some digging.

    If you must fiddle with 4.1.2 you can look at

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