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    Question HELLLLP!! Says wifi connected to network but cannot get on internet!!!

    Hello all I am sending out a desperate plea for assistance!

    This situation is making a difficult life even more frustrating...
    I have a Samsung 3 SCH-I535 (verizon) although I do not have carrier service and haven't for 13 months now. I use my phone on wifi. On 2/20/2014 I was at work and had my phone charging. When I was done that evening I went to send a text on google voice as I do hundreds of times a week. It refused to send. I cant get on facebook or gmail (anything internet) It says I am connected to (insert wifi network here) but it wont access anything which is screwing my world up. The only task I did the previous night was transfer my picsart pics to google drive. One other oddity...my lock screen wallpaper changed by itself to the daffodil?????

    Someone suggested rooting my phone but I don't know if that is the answer.. Anyone????? Helllllp!
    Thank you
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    Default Re: HELLLLP!! Says wifi connected to network but cannot get on internet!!!

    are any other devices on the wifi able to connect and function on the internet? I would suggest rebooting the router and modem first. Possibly an IP conflict on the device.

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