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    Default My Galaxy S3 all of a sudden decided that it wanted to announce my text messages out loud...

    Phone woke me up this morning by announcing, "NEW TEXT MESSAGE FROM TYLER." I'm all, "What the flip?" So I go on these forums to try to find the answer... Well, none are helpful. Driving mode is OFF and the Talkback setting is OFF, yet it still announces texts! I have not downloaded or installed any text-to-speech things on my phone on account of I accidentally deleted the Google Play Store app off my phone... so I haven't been able to install anything for a couple months. This is so frustrating, I don't want a demon possessed phone... Help please. I hate Samsung so much right now.
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    Default Re: My Galaxy S3 all of a sudden decided that it wanted to announce my text messages out loud...

    You could try booting up in Safe mode and see if the problem persists. If it doesn't then some 3rd party app suddenly decided to act up; if it does, then some system setting or built-in app is causing the problem.

    Are you using the stock Messaging app?

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