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    Default delete contacts from text messaging contact list?

    i have the samsung galaxy s3, model SCH-I535. i do not use gmail through my phone, only through my computer. currently, the only thing i have on my google sync settings is the Sync Calender. if i add a doctor's appointment on my phone calendar, i want it to sync with my gmail calendar, since that's saved forever, even if i lose my phone.

    i must have done something wrong with sync because now when i go to my regular text messaging function, and then to my contacts, i see a whole list of people i don't even know. it seems like these contacts synced with my gmail account. let's say a friend sent a mass email to ten people and i replied, those other nine people now show up in my messaging contacts list. i don't even know these people!

    how do i remove these people, who do not show up on my regular contacts list, but ONLY show up in my text messaging contact list? i contacted samsung support last year and got instructions on how to remove them one by one, but today's live chat was unable to help me through that. it's not the worst thing, but quite distracting to see a whole mess of people on my list.
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    Default Re: delete contacts from text messaging contact list?

    When you open the Contacts app, press the Menu button, select 'Contacts to display', then select 'All contacts' - this should allow you to see (and delete) all of those contacts that you've been missing.

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    Default Re: delete contacts from text messaging contact list?

    I was having the same problem and looked everywhere for the solution, none could be found. Yesterday I accidentally found how to delete the frequently texted list.....go to call logs, click on recent calls, hit menu key, choose view, choose "all calls and messages", then simply hold down the calls and/or texts that you want gone and hit delete, it will delete the numbers off your texted list
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    Smile Re: delete recent logs from text messaging or phone - Samsung Galaxy S3

    To delete the messages (or phone calls) from your recent messages (or phone calls) list you have to change your view in your phone. To change your view:
    Tap 'Messaging" (or Phone) app
    Hit "Recent" at top of phone
    Hit Menu at bottom (or wherever your menu is located) of phone
    Tap "View"
    Choose "All calls and messages"

    To delete messages or calls:
    Go to "Recent"
    Hit "Menu" at bottom of phone
    Tap "Delete" icon
    Tap "Delete All" --- or choose which to delete --- by tapping checkbox(es)
    Hit "Delete".........yes again
    Message comes up asking if you REALLY want to delete?
    Say "Ok"

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