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    Default Recover photos from internal storage AFTER 4.3 update - how to turn on USB storage

    All my photos were accidentally (aren't they always!?) deleted and I am trying to recover them from the internal storage. All the recovery software I have found instructs to turn on USB storage on the phone before running the software. I used to have that option on my phone but after the update I have only MPT and PTP for USB options. My phone IS NOT rooted....can anyone help me do a recovery scan of my phone to find the deleted photos? I do have ESFile explorer on my phone and have rummaged through many folders hoping to find the files ... many websites say the photos are still there, but since 'deleted' they are no longer 'pointed to' but still on my phone somewhere....does anyone know where that 'somewhere' might be so I can mannually access it? Any thoughts, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated! thank you!!
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    Default Re: Recover photos from internal storage AFTER 4.3 update - how to turn on USB storage

    USB storage was removed by Google with the 4.1.1 JB update. There is an app at Google Play that I have use with success called DiskDigger. The phone must be rooted though. Problem would be if you root now you stand a chance over writing the files you want to recover. I can not think of any other options.
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