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    Default no deepsleep!

    hey guys i want to thank you for all the replies on my previous posts!

    I have an unrooted Samsung galaxy s3.
    last night i putted my phone off and charged it all up to 100 %.
    I then did a factory reset/ hard reset and whipped all the data. After that i did the phone back on. i disabled a few build in apps like google+ and flipboard. (list is below)
    I didn't set up my Google account ore any other account. i disabled the location services, putted flight mode on, disabled all other radios and put on power saving.
    i also didn't install any personal apps. after that I did the screen of and let my phone into standby.

    14 hours later the phone battery percentage was only 70%! How is that possible? I have a 7000mah zerolemon extended battery that was 100% full?
    I am losing 1-2% per hour with a 7000mh battery while doing nothing with the phone! everything was turned off. i didn't used the screen. only looked a few times
    to the battery percentage

    in the battery log android OS is the highest (36%) and after that android system with (27%) and Device idle (26%), and i had only 15 min screen on time.
    what i saw when i pressed on Android OS there was a line that said: stay awake 12h 15m 23s.

    so that is why i think my phone is not going into sleep mode. the problem doesn't lay by the extend 7000mh because if i use the phone screen actively i can get 10-15 hours screen time out of the battery. but the problem starts when i put my phone into sleep mode. with the battery i lose in one night (10%-15%) i can play a game on my phone for a complete hour! (lowest brightens+power saving)

    the thing is that i think my phone is not going in deep sleep. its really frustrating.
    I hope you guys can help me out on this problem. if not i am going to send my phone back to Samsung. i want to prevent this because i lose my phone for 2 weeks when i do this. pleas send my all your tips and help. Thank you very much!

    disabled apps
    -game hub
    google play books
    -google play games
    -google play music
    -google play newstand
    -google saerch
    -paper artist
    -s sugest
    -s voice
    -samsung account
    -samsung apps
    -samsung go
    -samsung link
    -samsung push service
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    Default Re: no deepsleep!

    Install Better Battery Stats or GSAM battery monitor. Each will provide you more information on what wakelocks are keeping the phone awake. Once you have that info, post back and we'll see what we can figure out.
    PLEASE, when asking for help provide as much information as possible. We can't help unless we know what the symptoms are and what you did before they began.
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    Default Re: no deepsleep!

    I am going to install better battery stats. In 6 hours i will post a few screen shots. Thanks for the reply!

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