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    Angry Screen flickering when battery gets low, then crash

    Hey guys,

    I have a serious issue with my Galaxy S3 (international). Because I was continuously running out of battery at around 5pm each day, I decided to get a second battery and external battery charger. I went to a local phone store and got both for an acceptable price, but now I have the feeling that the new battery may have been fake and destroyed my phone. So here is what happens:

    - When I used the new battery for the first time, at around 40% battery left, the screen started flickering (meaning the there were brightness drops on some pixel lines across the screen, which where moving around wildly, like an old analog TV with bad reception), and then the phone just switched off and wouldn't switch on until I plugged it into the charger
    - Next day, I used my old battery, which I have been using for more than a year now, and at about 15%, the SAME thing happened (with my original battery)
    - So now I'm using both batteries every day, and it doesn't happen every time, but maybe about 50% of the time when my battery drops below 30%, I will suddenly have this flickering screen and a sudden blackout.

    Can anybody explain this to me? Since it also happens with my old battery, I'm worried that my phone might be broken! Please give me some advice!
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    Default Re: Screen flickering when battery gets low, then crash

    My factory unlocked international galaxy s3 quad core 1gb version is doing the same thing, its like an old tv when you had to tune them and ghost lines would flash and run up the screen when my battery drops to below 17% but not always either and it doesnt seem to matter if running any apps or not. Mine is all original it is about 18 months old it had done this before after updating to 4.3 (official release, ota) after update I then rooted device and installing root apps cant exactly remember but some time after rooting it started with the low battery induced flickering, so I just flashed the phone with cyanogenmod and it was working fine again but decided to flash back to stock 4.3 international rom due to camera bug with cyanogenmod then rooted devices again and installed more root apps and now started with the screen flashing on low battery again. Maybe issue with root or 4.3 rom? its not bothering me too much as it is not often and resolves after reboot of phone, if it gets worse I will just re flash with stock rom and not root to see if that is issue or not. Anyway I hope this can help you in any way.
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    Default Re: Screen flickering when battery gets low, then crash

    Hello, I'm also having the same problem but something strange happened yesterday after a factory reset. Before doing that my phone began screen flickering, then loosing signal, then crashing and shutting down. When i tried restarting it, either it didn't at all, or it did but the battery was all gone. This began happening at 20%, then even when it was well charged like at 50% (the later when i used the phone relatively heavily). After the factory reset, the battery is doing great, it doesn't consume fast, but the problem of the flickering did anyway occur (after heavily using the phone), but this time when i restarted it, did restart at the same level of battery that i had when it crushed.

    Now at the beginning i thought it was a battery problem, but i did a factory reset to test the theory anyway. Now I'm a little confused. I want to continue test it and try repair it by myself, if this is possible, so please if anybody can help, this would be nice
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    Default Re: Screen flickering when battery gets low, then crash

    I would try tightening the mother board screws. You never know, but it seems to fix all kinds of problems.

    AC App on SGS3

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