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    Default Charging with the otterbox.

    I recently bought the otterbox for my phone and noticed noticed that the charging port is covered up when not being used. When I go to charge my phone it the flap that covers the port is putting a lot of pressure on the charger. The only reason I'm worried is my last phone stopped charging because the port was so bent up. I don't want this phone to do the same thing. Has anyone had this problem with the otterbox where the phone stops charging from continual charging with the otterbox case on?
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    Default Re: Charging with the otterbox.

    Welcome to the forums.
    I have used Otterbox, but I typically take my cases off when I get home, and I charge at night, so I rarely charge the device while cased. You could trim off the charging cover flap.
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    Angry Re: Charging with the otterbox.

    YES!!! I have this same problem! My phone isn't charging at ALL now. I didn't catch on to the fact that it was the Otterbox doing it until I borrowed my daughter's charger (for two days before I went and bought a new one) and she was mad because when I gave her charger back it was bent and wouldn't charge her phone. So THREE chargers bent by the otter box, and now my phone won't charge.
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    Default Re: Charging with the otterbox.

    If you have the otterbox defender case....
    Get the Samsung wireless charger backplate/cover and wireless charging pad.....peel off the foam inside the otterbox defender case, then gently remove the clear screen protector on the otterbox. Fits a little snug, but worked great with my setup and never have to use the USB charging method or hassle with the flaps again.
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    Default Re: Charging with the otterbox.

    I've begun to have this issue as well. My phone won't charge unless I place it with the screen facing down. I guess the only way to resolve this is to remove the silicon case while charging?
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    Default Re: Charging with the otterbox.

    I have a Maxx and I use an otterbox. I also drive a truck and my Phone rides in a home made mount on the dash. I leave the charger in the phone all the time. I have not had any problems as of yet..
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    Default Re: Charging with the otterbox.

    Yes. I have ruined my second phone now.

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