I have a galaxy S4 Active and have had it for about 3 months. I was a long-time iPhone user until I converted, so I'm still somewhat of a n00b as far as the droid universe goes.
I have another line on my cell plan that I use for business, and typically have this number just forward to my droid(i'm not a drug dealer, I don't need to carry 2 phones).

I have observed that when someone calls my biz number, that for an incredibly brief moment (perhaps no more than 2 seconds) there is a message at the bottom of my s4 screen that says 'forwarded call.' This message goes away almost immediately, and I don't even see it if I am not holding my phone when it rings in.
I have seen older threads on this or other forums that suggest that there was at one point an app that did this. My phone came out of the box doing this.

My question(s) is/are this:
1) is it possible to extend the time that this message is on the screen
2) is it possible to have a separate ring tone for calls coming in via this method.

Also, I have in the past used google voice. I am not particularly interested in a work-around option utilizing google voice.

Thanks in advance.