Hi guys, new to the forum and the Android scene so go easy on me if this is a simple ploblem.

I just transfered all my old iPhone photos from my PC to my SD card by simple dragging and dropping them into the folders I wanted.

After doing so, I opened up the s4 gallery app, after loading the new photos I noticed that only some of the photos were working. About half of the photos I put on the SD card are replaced by a small grey box with a little man in it, and then a sort of 'crack' in the top right corner.

I am confused as to why this is happening as the photos that aren't working are JPEG, GIF and other file types. And while some of those file types aren't working, some are working perfectly fine.

All of the photos are relatively new photos and they all show up fine on my pc, its once they are transfered to the s4 they seem to bugger up.

Any help on getting this fixed would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, PR.