This likely isn't possible but I'll ask in the event one of you Galaxy geniuses can solve.
About a month ago, I sent out a series of emails to alert people to the opportunity to support efforts to end veteran homelessness. I sent them from my Galaxy S4 to dozens of people via bcc. I now what to follow up with the results of the fundraising efforts and thank people for their donations. I can pull up the sent emails which shows that I sent it to, for instance, 39 recipients but cannot see the list of bcc's. Again, my sense is that I'm out of luck but thought I'd try this forum to see if, by chance, anyone has the key to unlock this problem. I've tried viewing them on my phone or in Outlook at my office but no luck. In fact, it's important to note that these were sent out from a Pop3 account and not my primary email for the phone via Microsoft Exchange. Thanks.