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    Default best (or any) mountain bike mount

    Looking for a good mount for my active on my mountain bike. Something like the quadlock is what I'm looking for. They have no plans for a case for the active. Hearing that a lot. Starting to think I selected the wrong phone. Anyone know of any?

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    Default Re: best (or any) mountain bike mount

    Haven't checked, but I have used the krusell mounts for all my other phones. It is a pretty decent solution, as they have a bunch of different mounts, and cases for almost any phone that are compatible with all the mounts.
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    Default Re: best (or any) mountain bike mount

    Might want to look into Ram X Bike Mounts available from . They are kind of pricey but look rock solid.

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    Default Re: best (or any) mountain bike mount

    I would go with the Rokform handlebar mount. It's universal so it can work with any phone.

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