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    Default Replaced LCD on Galaxy S4 now phone won't switch on!

    Hi all,

    I cracked my S4 when dropping it, so i bought a new Lcd replaced the whole thing, everything worked fine for a day and now my phone won't switch on.

    I think that i may have damaged the charging port, and it worked for a day because the battery still had charge, do you think I'm on the right track?
    Or is their another reason why it won't switch on?

    It's completely dead, no lights vibration sound or screen.

    This is what ive ordered
    Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 USB Charging Dock Port Mic Flex Ribbon REV19 | eBay
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    Default Re: Replaced LCD on Galaxy S4 now phone won't switch on!

    Hi Richard,

    I have done the same thing with my brothers phone.

    It doesn't turn on or charge at all, just heats up when I put the charger in but appears to be completely dead.

    Did changing the charging port work? Anyone else know what the problem could be?


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    Default Re: Replaced LCD on Galaxy S4 now phone won't switch on!

    As far as I know, the phone can detect a new screen which is not a clone of the original so it doesn't power the screen on. This is the same as some newer models of nokias.

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