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    Default I can't put my phone in my pocket and listen to music!

    Help! I can't seem to find a way to lock my screen while Im listening to music. I work outside a lot, and I need my hands free, so it seems logical that I could plug in my headphones, start Pandora (or even my music player) and shove the phone into my pocket. But every time my phone touches the inside of my pocket (which is anytime I move), the music player pauses, stops, opens another app, calls a random number in Timbuktu (or worse- my ex), starts surfing craigslist..... aaaaarg! I have the screen lock set up with a pattern lock, and the screen time-out set at 30 seconds but it doesnt help. Is there any way to just lock the thing? Seems ridiculous that the only way to listen to music with headphones is to have the phone sitting on my desk, but I sure cant figure it out....

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    Default Re: I can't put my phone in my pocket and listen to music!

    What's wrong with hitting the lock button?

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    Default Re: I can't put my phone in my pocket and listen to music!

    I agree with TOTtomdora although that seems like an obviously simple answer. I listen to music at the gym.... put ear buds in & stick my phone in my pocket. No problems.
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