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    Default Apps on SD card with Googe Edition?

    I've read that you can't run apps from the SD card on a regular S4. Is that because of Samsung software? Would it change with the Google editon? I can do that with my HTC Sensation.
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    Default Re: Apps on SD card with Googe Edition?

    I wouldn't think so, because vanilla Android doesn't support sdcard. Google/Android has moved away from sdcards, its the OEMs that are keeping that alive.
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    Default Re: Apps on SD card with Googe Edition?

    Nope not happening Google has stopped the apps to SD card. To many problems. Now if you root your phone and find someone to make a root feature that flip flops the 2 storage readers then yes.

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    Default Re: Apps on SD card with Googe Edition?

    They'll still have it mount to /sdcard but no, no apps2sd. That was removed in 3.0. Any phone with it now is running the gingerbread app or a custom oem app

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