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    Default Disable Car Mode

    I'm sorry if this has already been posted, I'm new to the site and am still working my way around. I saw a post for the galaxy s2 disabling the car mode but I couldn't figure it out on the galaxy s4. I like using car home v3 mainly because I am used to it. On my Droid 3 that I just came from, when I put the phone on the dock the first time it would ask me which car mode I wanted to use and I could check "always do this". I just got the iBolt car dock because it is big enough to fit any phone. When I plug it in the the gs4 the car mode starts and I think I can turn it off and then click on the car home v3 app but that is obviously annoying. Also if I press the home button it takes me back to the original home screen, not the car home v3 app home screen. So what I am really asking is

    1. How to disable car mode on gs4?

    2. How to make it so when I press the home button it doesn't go back to the main home page but the car home v3 home screen, assuming disabling car mode won't fix this?
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    Hey get to Apps or Applications in Settings, select all Applications..scroll down and select Car Home....In Car Home tap on Stop, and Disable. U will have put car mode off.

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