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    Default S4 won't play videos!

    Say I'm on facebook or twitter (through the apps like Facebook or Tweetcaster) and try to watch a video someone posts, it will bring up a black screen with a circle which looks like it's loading but then after about 20 seconds of "loading," it'll say "Can't play this video." Anybody else having this problem or know how to fix it?
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    Default Re: S4 won't play videos!

    Same problem, any solution ?
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    Default Re: S4 won't play videos!

    Try factory reset guys. And install software like youtube on CHplay.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: S4 won't play videos!

    You have to go to setting then app manager then swipe over to all go to you tube and Facebook and clear the caches after that turn off phone remove battery for 30 seconds then restart
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    Default Re: S4 won't play videos!

    Do you have Flash installed? Chances are you'll need to download the apk package. Otherwise, download VLC and get another player with more codecs possibly to handle the video streaming. This is provided that you didn't somehow time out on your video load.
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    Default Re: S4 won't play videos!

    There are some videos that you can't watch on Facebook. I tried it before, have you tried other videos?
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    Default Re: S4 won't play videos!

    I use MX player for videos on mine and it seems to work well.
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    Default Re: S4 won't play videos!

    My phone has been doing the same thing. Today, I had enough and did some searching online with no luck on solutions that are actually feasible (root phone, complete reset, etc.). Since it just appeared to be YouTube videos I was having a proble with, I went to Play Store and was going to unistall and reinstall YouTube app. Did a search for "youtube" and found the app. When I clicked on it, it showed the usual screen but said "disable" where it normally shows "install, unistall, open". I clicked on "disable" which restored itself, refreshed the screen and the "uninstall, open" boxes reappeared. I then went back into facebook and clicked on a video link and was finally able to get the videos to play again. Have NO idea how or why I would have disabled YouTube... but the videos are working again. Hope this helps!!!
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    Wink Re: S4 won't play videos!

    Della Dee's response helped me. My phone now plays videos. Thank you!!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    This is the only thing that worked for me. How did you know how to fix it? Thank you!
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    Default Re: S4 won't play videos!

    Hey, everybody. It sounds like we've already found one other fix, but I want to post my fix here because it avoids factory reset.

    I manually installed the most recent version of Adobe Flash on my phone, and that resolved all of my video playing problems. I don't know if it fixed the underlying issue (i.e., if the real problem was with HTML5 and this fix just lets me use Flash instead, where applicable), but the videos play--so I ain't complainin'. Anyway, this link should walk you through the process (and helpfully has a direct link to the most recent Flash apk).
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    Smile Re: S4 won't play videos!

    clearing cache on you tube and face book worked
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    Default Re: S4 won't play videos!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan Mitov View Post
    Same problem, any solution ?
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    Default Re: S4 won't play videos!

    thanks for the thread. i had the same issues too

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