Hi guys
I am new in android and bought a galaxy s4
I have some question about games:
1- is there any way yo download any data of games by pc?common data and special data for my phone
2- i use fouldermount to move data of games to my memor card but when the data is in sd , the game worked but when i moved them to the memory card , the game does not work.
My phone is routed and the share folder is pined
3- is there any way to know that what is the besg rated games in action in goohle play?
4- is there any worked way to send flash sms?all of my searched apps did not work , i think it is a big deficiency in android os
5- my handcent sms app show an yellow danger allarm near a convrsation , how can i remove that?
6 - is it possible to use goohle map as gps in offline?
7- please tell me a way for chat on or smart ir remote apps to control i class reciever?
8- google play music always show in active apps widget , when i end it , it eill open some minutes later.why?
9- how can i now when will kitkat release for my device?
10- what is quadcore?what does it mean exactlly?what is difference beetwen quadcoreof phones and computers?
11- when i plugg handsfree into phone , last music play automatically.why?how can i disable it?